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Kali & Jesse’s wedding day at the Historic Mankin Mansion was one of those rare fall days thats delightfully warm and beautiful! The Historic Mankin Mansion is one of those venues that has so many neat, hidden spots and beautiful add ons that when you arrive you are just at an “aww” of it’s charm. I was not only excited about the beautiful day God held out for them but this couple is just the sweetest. -Just so laid back and so kind. They are the ideal couple that you want to hang out with on a Sunday and watch football, which is EXACTLY how they met. Funny right? Kali’s friend invited her to come over to watch some football with her and her “friend”. Little did she know it was a set up. Don’t you love those things? Turns out it was a set up that would last a life time. These two hit it off and were inseperable. Fast forward a little later and Jesse told Kali that her Christmas present was to go to Vegas (I want one of those presents!).  Jesse surprised her with a trip to Sedona where he got down on one knee at Cathedral Rock and asked her to marry him. That is a dream. The next day these two finished out their beautiful trip as an engaged couple viewing the Grand Canyon.
As a photographer, you always play back the wedding days, and think about the special moments. First off, when Kali showed up in her boots and Redskins shirt with her hair and make up done I laughed. I thought, “How fitting to wear your football shirt to your wedding.” After all, this is how they met. I didn’t wanna tell her that day I was a Cowboy’s fan, might have ruined our friendship, just kidding. The second, and most hilarious memory was Winnie The Pooh. When Kali & Jesse moved into their house they found an old Winnie The Pooh costume in the attic. It has been an on going joke to bring this costume out at special events. When they told me, “Pooh is going to make an appearance” I honestly had no clue what they were talking about. When he did- it was the best. This fun wedding will go down in the books. Congrats Kali & Jesse!

makin-mansion-weddinghistoric-makin-mansion-wedding_0123Historic Mankin Mansion Wedding Nicki Metcalf Photohistoric-makin-mansion-wedding_0141historic-makin-mansion-wedding richmond virginiahistoric-makin-mansion-wedding_0102historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0122historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0101historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0105historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0106historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0107historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0108historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0109historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0117historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0110historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0112historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0145historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0151historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0113Historic Mankin Mansion Wedding Nicki Metcalf PhotoHistoric Mankin Mansion Wedding Nicki Metcalf PhotoHistoric Mankin Mansion Wedding Nicki Metcalf Photohistoric-makin-mansion-wedding_0121Historic Mankin Mansion Wedding Nicki Metcalf Photohistoric-makin-mansion-wedding_0144Historic Mankin Mansion Wedding Nicki Metcalf Photohistoric-makin-mansion-wedding_0156historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0158historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0189historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0160historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0142historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0165historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0116historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0166historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0167historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0159historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0169historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0174historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0176historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0172historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0119Historic Mankin Mansion Wedding Nicki Metcalf Photohistoric-makin-mansion-wedding_0130historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0180historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0181historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0164historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0184historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0140historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0186historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0190historic-makin-mansion-wedding_0187

Ceremony & Reception | Historic Mankin Mansion

Event Designer| Maggie’s Misc

Florist | Vogue Flowers

Makeup |  Cameron B Carson

Dress Place of Purchase | Urban Set Bride 

Designer | Maggie Sottero 

Groom/Men Attire: Urban Set Groom 

Hair | Courtney Koehler and Tiffany Browning 

Bridesmaid Dresses |  Bella Bridesmaids

Designer | Jenny Yoo

Officiant | Doug Bowman 

Catering | Butler’s Unique Catering

Cake | Kakealicious 

Second Shooter | Dre Pliodzinskas

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I was so excited to spend some time with Katie & Seth at their engagement session at Sunny Slopes Farm in Harrisonburg, Virgina. I have known Katie since college (which feels like a million years ago) where we worked together at Texas Roadhouse. Katie’s upbeat, driven personality always inspired me and we became good friends. Fast forward years later and Katie moved up to NYC, moved back, and just so happen to meet the man of her dreams online. CRAZY RIGHT? Never in a million years did she expect to fall in love with an engineer and be so happy. Seth compliments Katie in so many ways and I couldn’t be happier for their blossoming love. The first date went a little like this –

“Seth and I met on  He contacted me and we spent the entire day messaging each other. He found me on Facebook and after finding out we were both normal people (haha) we decided to go on a date. It was Dec. 22, 2015 and he was on his way home from Louisa to Shepherdstown, WV. We had our first date at Union Station in downtown Harrisonburg.  He was on his way home with his Austrailian Shepherd (Sadie). He brought her on the date because he was going home and had to. It was cold out and his truck was the perfect temperature so she was safe.  His parents think he’s crazy and tease him for bringing her but he had no choice. I loved Sadie so it helped to have her around. We went to the Artful Dodger after and then right before he left he gave me a quick peck on the lips. It was so cute! We talked until after Christmas and then he invited me to spend New Years with him. Our second date went really well! I remember after 10 days he asked me what my ring size was and after 10 months he proposed at Union Station with roses! He brought my parents to the proposal which was perfect.”

 I couldn’t be happier for my friend and her amazing fiance. Their engagement session was one of those unforgettable ones where I felt charged by their love. On the drive back from Harrisonburg to Richmond, I thought about the session and how blessed I felt; to see the beautiful mountains, animals, and to just simply witness the sweet love between Katie & Seth had me feeling recharged. I feel incredibly thankful to be in an industry where I can experience these things.


I was so excited to spend some long awaited time with Julia & Dre at their engagement session at the University of Richmond after we had to reschedule their first session. The original session was unfortunately planned on Hurricane Matthew’s visit and the winds were insane! Thank the Lord we switched things up because we had the most perfect day ever. All good things come to those who wait, right?

There is nothing like a sunny, fall engagement, especially on the University of Richmond campus. This is one of Richmond’s gems with its lush greenery, and gorgeous lake! I was already excited to step foot back on that campus when Julia & Drew asked me if they could bring their Goldendoodle, Daisy. I was quick to say, “OF COURSE!!!”. Most people know, I love dogs, but no I – REALLY LOVE DOGS. I’m pretty obsessed with my own and every one I see on the street. Playing with Daisy at the this session was a treat!

The University of Richmond, here in Richmond, Virginia, was where this sweet couple met and knew that this would be the perfect spot to have their engagment session. We spent some time down by the lake (I still don’t know how Daisy didn’t go after the geese) and near the kazeebo. As the sun was going down a little early we finished up near the Cannon Memorial Chapel. If you have never seen this historical chapel, make sure you put it on your bucket list.  The architecture and wooden doors are beyond stunning and  the gardens, ahhhh, beyond prefect. If you walk around to east side there is a columbarium that surrounds another gorgeous garden. It’s almost a secret garden in the city! Julia & Drew you were a joy to be around! Can’t wait for your wedding! Maybe you’ll consider letting Daisy be the flower girl??


Look at her- she even smiled for the picture!


Julia’s necklace was the perfect edition to this sweet session!

university-of-richmond-engagementuniversity-of-richmond-engagement_0020University of Richmond Engagement PictureUniversity or Richmond Engagement SessionUniversity of Richmond Engagement Session PictureUniversity of Richmond Engagement, Nicki Metcalf Photouniversity-of-richmond-engagement_0004Fine Art Engagement Sessionuniversity-of-richmond-engagement_0026Virginia Fine Art Engagement, Nicki Metcalf Photographyuniversity-of-richmond-engagement_0021university-of-richmond-engagement_0011university-of-richmond-engagement_0015university-of-richmond-engagement_0023university-of-richmond-engagement_0019university-of-richmond-engagementuniversity-of-richmond-engagement_0009university-of-richmond-engagement_0022university-of-richmond-engagement_0029university-of-richmond-engagement_0031university-of-richmond-engagement_0024university-of-richmond-engagement_0012

You can’t go wrong with a chapel and love 😉


Planner | Bryce Carson with Robert & Co. Events


Erin & Andrew’s Ashton Creek Vineyard Wedding was such a beautiful day. This was one of those weddings that I had been looking forward to for so long! Erin & Andrew are extremely dear to my heart, and a couple that will leave a lasting impression. These two sweethearts have a love for Christ and that shows in their friendships and how they treat others. It was just yesterday that Erin was at my bridal shower and had given me the sweetest gift that she had made; A wooden frame that had wires across it with encouraging notes hung from many close friends. I was so touched that she would take the time to make it for me. That priceless gift will forever hang on our walls. When I got to know Andrew I thought, “What a perfect match for Erin.” Both sweet, gentle people who love immensely.
Their day was perfect- seriously, perfect. The weather was on the verge of fall so it wasn’t hot but it wasn’t cold – just right.  The vineyard was gorgeous and the grapes were just beginning to turn.  Loved ones from all over showed up to partake in the sweet love of these two and tears were flowing.
I keep saying it over and over but honestly, the feeling at this wedding was different. Everyone felt like family. A lot of people from our church that I admire were there and people came from near and far to send off these college sweethearts into the next chapter of their life. It was was a beautiful day to be a part of. Congrats Erin and Andrew.

Ashton Creek Vineyard Wedding PhotoAshton Creek Vineyard Wedding Photo
Bridal Portrait_0001.jpg_0026.jpgGroom Portrait_0010.jpgAshton Creek Vineyard Wedding PhotoAshton Creek Vineyard Wedding Photoashton-creek-vineyard-wedding_0059_0039.jpgAshton Creek Vineyard Wedding PhotoAshton Creek Vineyard Wedding Photo_0040.jpg_0046.jpg_0037.jpg



Ceremony & Reception | Ashland Creek Vineyard

Florist | Rachel Fletcher

Catering | EAT

Makeup | Erika Nixon Makeup

Hair | Whitney Rosser 

DJ | KD Productions

Officiant | Pete Bowell

Dress Place of Purchase | Urban Set Bride

Second Shooter | Dre Pliodzinskas

Tips For Wedding Photographers

For all of you creatives out there who are a) just starting out or b) have had your business for years, I have a key word that is going to change your life : “UNFOLLOW“. Okay, don’t get me wrong, it sounds harsh but really it’s a life saver. Let me give you a back story. Three years ago when I started out as a wedding photographer I followed everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. I would religiously follow their blogs and even try to manipulate their styles (I know I’m not alone in this). I thought that by following people I was learning new things when really, I was hurting myself. I don’t think there is anything wrong with following people, in fact I still follow a ton of people. The thing is- you need to know what is safe for your creativity and heart.  Being a creative is a precious gift, and a talent given from God so why not treasure it? The more attention I gave to what others were doing the more I became insecure with myself.  I started comparing myself and really – lost who I was. Lets be real – we have all been there. The scenario goes like this – you are innocently scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and you see a fellow creative’s work. You click it, and then you glance back at your own work and your mind starts racing. The negative feelings start pouring in ; “Why am I not where they are? I’m not as good as them. I should do _____ like them.” The list goes on and you know what you are doing? You are poisoning your creative flow. The best advice I can give is to simply click, “unfollow”. Social media is not bad if you monitor it. Does it mean you don’t like the person? No! It just means that you don’t need to see everything they post, that way, you can focus on your own talents. Focus on what YOU can contribute to this world. After all – you were uniquely made and there is only one of you so why not embrace it?