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“Grayson and I, our relationship is an ever-moving dance. We could not be more opposite if we tried to be. And it’s good because yin/yang – a natural balance – is good. But living in a broken world….i’ve come to find as an adult that the “we balance each other out” phrase isn’t a cure-all like i used to think it was. The balance is beautiful, yes, but balance in itself is something that has to be maintained. A perfect balance will hold…until something comes along that upsets one side and then everything is just all out of whack. The balance is beautiful but maintaining that balance through the journey that is life….that’s where it gets impossible without Jesus.” – Maggie




When you haven’t been to the beach all summer and you get to go, you feel like you hit the jackpot – – even if it’s for a few days! Dre & I went down to Virginia beach to visit our close friends and had a blast! Once we got to the beach we stopped at a dog friendly park where we let Hokie run. We spent the rest of the weekend with our close friends, Stafford & Kerry (the sweetest people ever). They have the most beautiful dog named Maverick so Hokie & him played on the beach the next morning. Later on, Dre & I checked out The Van’s East Coast Surf Competition that was randomly going on when we were there. It always falls on the weekend we go which is AMAZING. The waves were a little choppy so there was a lot of respect for the people holding it together. We finished off the trip with a some boardwalk – people – watching and a trip to Waterman’s. Waterman’s is a staple site at this beach and such a treat!

Someone was ready for the beach

This time around he LOVED the water and couldn’t get enough of it

Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer  

The sweetest family ever


We totally built sand castles than jumped in them

Time to take a nap and go home

The biggest lenses I had ever seen

Virginia Beach Wedding photographer

Virginia Beach Wedding photographerVirginia Beach Wedding photographer

When at Virginia Beach it’s a tradition to have one of these suckers – – the best one all around